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Hispanic Genealogy Societies of Texas

East Texas Hispanic Genealogy Society

The East Texas Hispanic Genealogy Society is a group dedicated to finding and sharing information on the families descended from the early settlers and native Americans in Texas, especially in the area of Nacogdoches,Tx.

The development of the area around Nacogdoches and especially the influence of the Hispanic culture and families in the area is little know and less understood by the vast majority of Texans. The historical significance of the Spanish settlements in Texas in general and especially those along El Camino Real (The Kings Highway) that linked the French fortress at Los Adaes in present day Louisiana to Nacogdoches and to the Spanish settlement in San Antonio is little known but very important in Texas history. For more information, send enquiries to ethgsAThotmail.com.


2005 Thonig Rd.
Houston, Tx 77055
Founded ?
Hispanic Organization for Genealogy And Research

To promote interest in Hispanic heritage within our community, to stimulate interest in Hispanic genealogy, to support genealogy sections of libraries and to assist members in research and publication of genealogical data through networking, educational programs, special events and newsletters


HOGAR de Dallas
P.O. Box 570244
Dallas, Texas 75357
Founded in 1998

Las Porciones Genealogical Society

Las Porciones is an organization of genealogy enthusiasts that promotes the long history of Spanish Mexican Texas citizens.  The name, Las Porciones, refers to the first Spanish Mexican settlers that came to South Texas and were awarded their land in a “Porcion” or portion or access to the Rio Grande. It is a not-for-profit organization and promotes genealogy as a hobby and research interest of anyone interested in the history of their ancestors. The society promotes public awareness by supporting genealogy through outreach and educational programs. 


P.O. Box 392
Edinburg, TX 78540
Founded ?

Los Bexareños Genealogical Society

Los Bexareños is an organization dedicated to Hispanic history and ancestral research.  The Society promotes public interest in history and genealogy through outreach and educational programs. 


P.O. Box 1935
San Antonio, TX 78297
Incorporated September 9, 1983

Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society
A group of friends doing genealogical research at the Family History Center discussed how they believed that if they dug enough, they would find that most Hispanics in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas were related.  They agreed and the Hispanic Genealogy Group was born in January of 2008. The Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Genealogical Society was incorporated in July of 2010.


P.O. Box 371
San Benito, TX 78586
Born January 2008
Incorporated July 2010

Spanish American Genealogical Association
The Spanish American Genealogical Association was founded April 1987 as a non-profit organization. SAGA's focus is on genealogical data of the earliest Spanish and Mexican settlers of the present South Texas triangle (from Brownsville to Corpus Christi to Laredo) below the Nueces River.361-993-1922 or 361-876-8860 sara36g64ATyahoo.com

7018 Lake View Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78412
Founded April 1987

Tejano Genealogy Society of Austin
The Tejano Genealogy Society of Austin (TGSA), a 501(C)3 was first established in 1977 as the Sociedad Genealógica de Austin. The purpose of TGSA is to foster excellence in genealogy through educational programs and projects that preserve, produce and disseminate knowledge of genealogical or historical value.


P.O. Box 151537
Austin, TX 78715-1537
Established in 1977

Victoria Hispanic Genealogical & Historical Society of Texas

Gloria Candelaria was the founder and first President of the Victoria (Texas) Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Society of Texas, or VH-GHoST, organized in the summer of 1998. The purpose of the Society shall be to create and maintain an organization for the promotion of research and collection of genealogical and historical data of the earliest Spanish and Mexican pioneer families of Victoria, Texas and surrounding areas. Sophia Postel Wilson, President, (361) 573-1228


701 N. West Street
Victoria, TX 77901
Organized in summer of 1998

Villa De San Agustin - Laredo Genealogy Society 

Villa San Agustin de Laredo Genealogical Society was founded in 1996 for the purpose of promoting genealogical research into the origins of the Mexican American and Hispanic population of Laredo, Webb County, and in the surrounding area. The sole goal of the organization is to explore, develop and increase genealogical resources and to make them more readily available to its members, as well as to the community and future generations of our family lines.


P.O. Box 450-741
Laredo, Texas 78045-0018
Founded in 1996


Hispanic Genealogical Society of Houston • P.O. Box 231271 • Houston, TX 77223-1271
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